A YouTuber kissed his sister for a "prank" and the internet is disgusted

9 April 2019, 12:27 | Updated: 9 April 2019, 12:32

prank invasion kissing sister prank
Picture: YouTube: Prank Invasion
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend


Controversial YouTuber Prank Invasion has whip up a storm yet again with a new 'prank' video where he appears to graphically make out with his own sister.

In the video, entitled 'KISSING MY ACTUAL SISTER PRANK', the YouTuber, who's real name is Chris Monroe, sits down with a woman he claims is his sister, and has some awkward banter before launching in to a full-on smooch for a truly uncomfortable amount of time.

Now listen, Prank Invasion is well known for faking incendiary videos to get clicks. In fact, before the video even properly starts he admits to the viewer that this woman is not actually his sister - it's his half-sister.... as if, you know, that makes this any less disgusting.

But going by his previous track record - including a seemingly endless cavalcade of videos where he kisses 'strangers' he meets on the street that are clearly actors - it might be a little hard to believe that this woman was in fact related to him in any way... I mean, god let's hope she isn't.

Response to the video has been - shockingly - actually not that positive! The video currently sits on a delightful ratio of 84,000 dislikes to 17,000 likes, meaning that there are at least 17,000 siblings out there who are in clear and present danger.

The response on social media was equally negative, although many also questioned the legitimacy of the video:

Hey, lets all just keep going strong with #DontMakeOutWithYourSister2K19 shall we, everyone?

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