You Can Now Design Your Own Temporary Tattoos And Ink Them On In Seconds

26 July 2017, 12:09 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

YouTuber Tattoos

By Benedict Townsend

This ingenious (and portable!) little gadget lets you design your own temporary tattoos on your phone and then ink them right onto you

Meet Prinker, a brand new gadget that lets you design your own temporary tattoos on your smartphone and then print them right onto you in a matter of seconds. According to their official site: "Prinker allows you to choose or create any design and apply it directly to your skin. Prinker is a comprehensive solution that includes Prinker device, cartridges with ink made from cosmetics ingredients". It seems like the question of what you can tattoo is limited only by your imagination, drawing ability - and how much skin you're willing to use as a canvas.

You can see Prinker in action in this video

It seems to really live up to the hype:

Can you buy them?

According to the company's official website: "The current version of Prinker is intended for business users. The version for individual users should be ready by the end of year. The estimated price of Prinker for private use is 200 USD. We do not sell samples or accept pre-orders."

So it looks like Prinker will be arriving just in time for the holidays and will set you back a not-insubstantial two hundred dollarydoos.

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