Another YouTuber filmed inside the Japanese suicide forest

6 December 2018, 16:17

Qorygore japan suicide forest logan paul
Picture: YouTube: Qorygore
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

If you thought we could get to the end of 2018 without this happening again - you were wrong TW: suicide

Another YouTuber has decided to travel to Aokigahara, the infamous location in Japan that has been dubbed 'the suicide forest'.

The location was infamously the centre of a massive controversy involving YouTuber Logan Paul back in January 2018. Paul entered the forest, which is known for being a place where people go specifically to commit suicide, and filmed the body of a recently deceased person. This, naturally, prompted backlash on an international scale and forced Logan to issue an apology and go on a laughably short hiatus.

Now, another YouTuber, who goes by the username Qorygore has inexplicably decided to replicate Logan's actions - and naturally it didn't go well.

In a video, which YouTube has since taken down, Qorygore enters the forest with the express purpose of emulating Logan - even dubbing himself “Logan 2.0". He does apparently eventually find a body.

The video naturally drew heavy criticism from commenters, including other YouTubers:

If you have been affected by the video, or have been dealing with suicidal thoughts or any mental health issues, please call the Samaritans on 116 123 if you're in the UK and 116 123 if you're in the Republic of Ireland.