Source Says Hello World 2018 Has Been "Cancelled"

17 August 2018, 17:07 | Updated: 22 August 2018, 12:25

hello world live 2018 cancelled
Picture: hello world live

By Team Unicorns

It appears that the event will not be returning for a second year

Hello World Live, the YouTuber convention that was the subject of much controversy in 2017 will not be returning for 2018, according to a trusted source that has spoken to We The Unicorns.

There had been some speculation that the event would return, particularly after the organisers told us they were "in the advanced planning stages" of the 2018 event and emphasised their wish to fix some of the issues of the first convention. However, according to a source close to the event, Hello World will not be coming back. Our source said "the event was quietly cancelled at the weekend".

There has not yet been any public statement on the issue, so we cannot yet definitely state whether this is true or false.

We have reached out to the event organisers for comment and they replied:

 “We’re working hard on the best ways to make the next HelloWorld even bigger and better and we have some very exciting ideas in progress.  Nothing that we can confirm yet though unfortunately...we know that fans are excited to hear about when and where our next show will be and we ask them to keep up to date on our HelloWorld website and socials, as there are always a lot of rumours flying around. ”

What is Hello World Live?

Hello World Live 2017 was a YouTuber convention - although the organisers referred to it as an 'interactive live event'. The event had some meet-and-greet aspects but everyone involved insisted it was not a meet and greet, which caused some confusion on the day.

The event was marred by expensive tickets (£99 for the VIP experience), elusive YouTube stars and a general sense of confusion about exactly what the event was meant to be. Some visitors took to social media to lambast the event, while others maintained that they had had a good time.

In our interview with the event organisers earlier this year, they stated that:

"We were always super up front about not being a Meet and Greet, the ‘Aboutʼ page on even opened with the sentence ‘Let us tell you what weʼre not, weʼre not a traditional Meet and Greetʼ. However Itʼs fair to say it still caused some issues and expectations were perhaps not managed as well as weʼd liked. Weʼve dealt with every single customer on a case by case basis, even in some instances meeting them face to face to talk through issues, in terms of a percentage of our overall audience itʼs a very low number, and in the interest of balance we had a great number of positive comments and a lot of people desperate for an event next year."