Rhett And Link Celebrate Their Friendship By Having Testicle Surgery Together

25 August 2017, 13:36 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Rhett And Link Surgery

By Benedict Townsend

Rhett and Link have done what any good friends do - go to the doctor and get their giblets all messed with

Rhett and Link have gone through a lot together. And now, they've complete perhaps the ultimate best friend activity - getting Vasectomies together. For those who don't know, a vasectomy is defined by the NHS as this:

'During a minor operation, the tubes that carry sperm from a man's testicles to the penis are cut, blocked or sealed. This prevents sperm from reaching the seminal fluid (semen), which is ejaculated from the penis during sex. There will be no sperm in the semen, so a woman's egg can't be fertilised. Vasectomies are usually carried out under local anaesthetic, and take about 15 minutes.'

Rhett and Link both have kids and have decided they don't want anymore, and getting a Vasectomy is a way to get that sorted. Naturally, like any good YouTubers, they filmed the whole thing. Enjoy:



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