Ricky Dillon Finally Reveals His Top Secret Project

9 February 2016, 11:00 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We're officially hyped for this.

Another day, another secret YouTube project gets revealed - and this time it comes from our favourite Challenge 'Tuber, Ricky Dillon! His new memoir, Follow Me, is currently on pre-order and is set for release on the 7th of June, but what is going to make it stand out from all of the other YouTuber books on the shelf? It's a Challenge book.

Follow Me is Ricky's first book and plans to reveal personal information about the YouTuber through a series of challenges and emotional stories. Each challenge comes with it's very own hashtag as Ricky intends for viewers to use the book as an entirely interactive tool to stay in touch with himself and other fans. Talking about the idea for his book, Ricky said “my original inspiration was one of those Quote Of The Day calendars…  I thought it would be pretty cool to make a Challenge Of The Day!”

Ricky Dillon Book

In the video for the book reveal (posted below), Ricky goes on a series of personal journeys across the globe and has to complete a number of challenges in order to unlock the book. These challenges include dancing in the middle of a Tokyo street, swimming with sharks in Hawaii and flying over a volcano in a helicopter!

With the professionally filmed scavenger hunt plus the inclusion of challenges to his autobiography, it's clear that Ricky wants to set himself apart from the other YouTube literary works he'll be in competition with. And with the upcoming book tour (on top of his G.O.L.D album tour with Trevor Moran!) and a massive line-up of sweepstakes and competitions across all social media, we can already see Follow Me becoming a massive success for Ricky.

The book is available for pre-order right now in America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, so make sure you get involved early if you want to win signed copies and even more fantastic Ricky Dillon themed prizes!