Robbie Rotten Actor Updates Fans With News About His Cancer Status

9 November 2017, 11:19 | Updated: 9 November 2017, 11:58

Stefan Karl Stefansson Robbie Rotten Cancer
Stefán Karl Stefánsson A.K.A Robbie Rotten Is Battling Cancer. Picture: Stefán Karl Stefánsson/Lazy Town

By Josh Lee

The Lazy Town actor has been battling cancer for a year

Just three months after announcing that he was free of secondary tumours, Stefán Karl Stefánsson A.K.A Robbie Rotten has updated fans with news about his cancer prognosis.

Explaining his condition to a fan on Twitter, Stefán said that his cancer, which is a rare-form of bile-duct cancer, will "eventually take him far too soon."

Robbie Rotten fans have followed Stefan's cancer journey closely since his illness was first revealed in October 2016

A GoFundMe page which was set up to help raise money for treatment and support has been shared widely over the past few months, with over $166,921 raised.

Stefán Karl Stefánsson's fanbase grew dramatically after his Lazy Town character Robbie Rotten became a meme in 2016

It's thanks in part to this online community of meme fans that Robbie's story has spread so far, and that so much money has been raised to support the actor. Describing his cancer journey as the "most difficult year in my life", Stefán described his community of fans as "a true group of reminds that have helped me and my family so much."