Roman Atwood Announced His New Baby’s Gender And The Video’s Emotional

3 February 2017, 11:01 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:24

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By Charleyy Hodson

Congrats to Roman and Brittney! ?

Love is in the air in 2017! With YouTubers announcing babies and engagements all over the place, we don't really know where to look. But over on Roman Atwood's YouTube channel, some incredible news was just announced in the most adorable way possible. In a vlog with his girlfriend Brittney Smith, the couple are seen travelling to get their most anticipated ultrasound test to date - the gender reveal!

The vlog starts in the car with the two driving to their appointment. Roman jokes that they were trying to think of ways to announce the baby's gender in a really viral way, but decided in the end to just film the reveal IRL. Brittney confesses that she's been "broody for a girl because [they] already have two boys" and starts to count the signs along the way, including spotting signs for "Big Boys" and "Wendys" and considering them predictions.

The vlog then cuts to Roman and Brittney in the ultrasound room trying to guess the baby's gender with the help of the ultrasound technician. Then comes the moment of truth... it's a girl! The couple immediately burst into tears and seem genuinely overwhelmed with happiness about the announcement of their beautiful daughter. We're even treated to a lesson on how to spot the brain and heart in an ultrasound scan (you learn something new everyday!)

Over on Instagram, Roman broke the news with a pic of his second son Kane and an adorable pink balloon saying "baby girl". He thanks his fans "for being a part of my family" and that he "loves her more than any words can explain". Oh, and before you think Kane is excited for a baby sister, Roman clarifies that he's only excited because "he's eating a donut". Same Kane, same.

roman atwood

Congrats to Roman Atwood and his girlfriend Brittney Smith, we can't wait to see the little angel arrive later this year!