Roman Atwood's Newest Prank Is Absolutely RUBBISH

18 April 2016, 14:07 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Would YOU have fallen for this prank?!

Roman Atwood, the notorious prankster most recognisable for tricking his wife into thinking he had killed their son, has just launched a new pranking campaign with a really unusual brand... Scott Toilet Paper. The two will be working closely over three videos on his YouTube channel in an attempt to get people to #TossTheTube and start using toilet paper responsibly.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE magazine, Roman shares a "behind-the-scenes look at the video shoot where [he] worked with Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper to shock four friends by running a car through almost 66,000 toilet paper tubes". Naturally. All tubes in the video will be recycled after their pranking purpose has been fulfilled. You can see Roman's prank below.

Roman talks to PEOPLE about why he signed up with Scott to produce the #TossTheTube campaign; "It's a way to have fun and raise awareness about something that has a big impact on the planet". In fact, the exact amount of toilet rolls used in the prank wasn't an accident - 66,000 are absent-mindedly thrown away every two minutes in the United States of America. So what does Roman do with 66,000 toilet tubes? He crashes through a makeshift garage to give his friends one hell of a fright, ofc.

The prank happens three times, each time with significantly funner reactions from people who must absolutely HATE being Roman's friends; Logan Paul, FouseyTUBE and the Dudesons. First up is Logan who, on figuring out the car crash was just a prank, shouts "I FALL FOR IT EVERY TIME" before diving head first into a massive pile of tubes. Next up is FouseyTUBE who screams hilariously like a baby before crying out "YOU'RE SO UGLY, YOU'RE NOT A GOOD FRIEND" at Roman. Then finally, The Dudeson's react in a totally unpredictable way - they laugh hysterically throughout the whole crash!

To PEOPLE, Roman shares why he loves what he does on the Internet; "I love doing big stunts like this. To see people's faces when they happen is the best. And then to get to share that online and make people smile is even better!". You can see his behind-the-scenes footage in the video above, but the real question is - would you have fallen for this prank?! Let us know in the comments below.