Jonathan Saccone-Joly Reveals The Truth Behind The SHOCKING Rumours

15 June 2016, 14:45 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:42

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Jonathan spoke out about their issues in a shocking vlog.

In a rare video uploaded to the Saccone-Joly YouTube channel, Jonathan has addressed a variety of rumours and events that have taken place in their lives since rising to popularity, but have never been talked about on camera before. Whilst he stays tight lipped about the cause of their families heartache, by referring only to an "internet forum", Jonathan does go into great detail about moments in their lives where trolls have forced them to deal with the RSPCA and child welfare officers.

The video, entitled 'We Need To Talk', starts off like any other vlog with Jonathan waking up his children before rushing Emilia off to preschool on the morning run. However it's clear from the off that he has something on his mind, as he later sits in front of the camera in his office for a large majority of the video to respond to "rumours and questions" that have been left "unchecked" or unanswered.

Jonathan launches his response by talking about how he originally got into daily vlogging, and how that progressed into his rise to YouTube popularity along with his girlfriend at the time, Anna. He mentions that one of the first "experiences with trolling" the pair suffered was directly following their pregnancy announcement, in which he did not vlog an explanation or update immediately afterwards. Because the video seemed out of context to regular Saccone-Joly viewers but gained a lot of wider views, people blasted them for posting emotional vlog purely for traffic and, by the looks of the comments, Jonathan states that "people HATED me" because of it.

Jonathan then reveals information of what happened behind-the-scenes at the birth of their first child, Emilia. Upon arriving at the hospital, both Anna and Jonathan were taken into a board room to "explain" themselves to hospital management, nurses and "Union people" who couldn't understand what the couple were trying to do with their camera. They were given a bunch of rules of what to do and what not to do, which fans watching at home were not made aware of when the video went live three years ago.

The most shocking revelation comes from Jonathan's discussions about the "Internet forum" that worked tirelessly hard to reveal their home address on at least three separate locations, in addition to keying Anna's car, reporting the family to the RSPCA and even going so far as to contact local Child Welfare Services. He briefly mentions the horrific card that came through the post when someone threatened to "come into your house, rape your children and murder your wife", to which Jonathan then admits he wished he had never shared the image in his emotional rage.

Whilst the family have had to deal with trolls reporting their dogs and children for "living in destitution and disorder", they now have an "open relationship" with organisations that frequently deal with their "Internet forum" haters. They've even had to deal with trolls trying to contact local swimming/dance/ballet classes that want to hunt down their children, which is absolutely terrifying. Jonathan closes up the vlog by reminding his viewers that he "didn't train to become the person I am or to have this audience", but that he's trying his best to document the very best of his life purely because it makes him happy.

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