Ryan Higa Totally Misses The Point With His "World Without Police" Video

7 December 2015, 13:28 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:32

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

The parody star weighs in on America's police brutality problem - and he's angered a lot of people.

When discussing highly sensitive political topics or current events, it's important that influential YouTube stars stay informed and tread lightly when using their large platforms to weigh in. But apparently nobody told Ryan Higa.

In a new video titled "A World Without Police!?" the parody star offers his input on the consistent and growing problem of racially-targeted police brutality in the United States - citing people who film these incidents as a part of the problem.

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In the video, Ryan criticises those who apparently "deliberately antagonise" police to incite brutality on camera, acts out a sketch to this effect, and imagines what the world would be like without any police - all a number of false equivalences that other YouTubers were quick to call him out on.

The overall message of Ryan's video is "generalising based on the actions of a few is bad", which is actually one of many problems that sparks police brutality in the first place... just not in the way that he seems to think. And while many of his fans are praising him for "dropping truth bombs" and having a good moral message, many other people (also including a lot of fans) have a huge issue with the way his video was framed.


For those who deal with racial profiling on a regular basis, this video from Ryan felt like a genuine slap in the face - and with actual stats of the number of POC falling victim to police brutality on their side, are making their anger clear.

Ryan has yet to comment on any of the criticism, but with his track record of defending problematic actions, will probably continue ignoring it. What do you think? Does Ryan's video completely miss the point with the issue of police brutality? Watch it below and vote in the poll...