Ryland and Shane Dawson expose former management in dramatic new video

28 November 2018, 14:23

ryland adams defy media shane dawson
Picture: YouTube: Ryland Adams
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Ryland is not pulling his punches any more

In a new video, Ryland Adams has expanded on his previous comments about his former management company Defy Media, which he felt took money from him unfairly.

Ryland previously worked for Clevver, as a presenter, and Clevver fell under the umbrella of Defy - which recently announced that it is shutting down completely.

"I never got to make a 'why I left Clevver' video because I was being threatened to be sued literally every single day for about three months."

Ryland explains that he was a part of Defy's MCN (Multi Channel Network), a convoluted situation that basically means Defy took a slice of the money he made on his channel, as a talent agency would.

Now that Defy has, in Ryland's word "flopped", Ryland says the company held onto his money longer than they needed to, meaning he lost out on money. Basically Ryland is alleging that Defy could have paid him before they went under but deliberately held onto the money so they could use it to pay off their massive debts later.

That's money that Ryland says he fully earned, on his own, on YouTube. He alleges that that money then passed through Defy - and Defy took it all. He also says they treated him badly as an employee. He warns YouTubers against joining an MCN.

Shane goes on to discuss how he always felt the company had a negative culture - and how he felt the company never paid its presenters enough, especially considering how much their channels were earning.

The issue is ongoing, but we'll keep you posted as things progress.