UPDATE: Anna Saccone-Joly Opens Up About Her Miscarriage To Help Others

10 May 2016, 11:29 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

Anna is sharing her experiences to hopefully help others.

If you were following us on the site last week, you will know that Anna Saccone-Joly has sadly lost her third baby during the early stages of pregnancy. On Wednesday 4th May, Anna announced the terrible news on her Snapchat after heading to the early pregnancy unit for an emergency scan with her husband Jonathan. After the initial snap, Anna posted a series of short videos briefly explaining the situation and stating that she had already been preparing herself for the worst.

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The daily vlogging family, that haven't missed a video in the five years they've been on YouTube, have remarkably continued to film their lives during this tough time. Even though Jonathan continues to upload their lives daily, after Anna's announcement that she would be staying offline for a "little while", we weren't expecting any main channel videos from the beauty and lifestyle vlogger any time soon.

On the evening of Monday 9th May, Anna uploaded a 22 minute long video titled 'Miscarriage at 11 Weeks' which she filmed with intention to help other families going through the same situation. At the beginning of the video she explains "I wanted to make this video as I think it's something that doesn't get talked about enough" and she feels like it would have been something that would have helped her.

We already knew from Jonathan's vlog that the couple had been told two weeks previously that Anna may have been experiencing a missed miscarriage as she was still having all of the usual pregnancy symptoms. Anna took to the Internet for help after receiving the news and when she struggled to find any information on what she was experiencing she knew she had to share hers to help others going through the same situation. In the video she explains that"only a handful of genuine people were posting about their experiences" and that it's actually more common than most people think, with 1 in 4 pregnancies ending in miscarriage.

The rest of Anna's sit down video educationally talks us through what a missed miscarriage is and she shares all of her experience to the camera. Anna tweeted the video last night and explained how difficult it was for her to film but we're so glad that Anna has decided to speak out about such a sensitive subject and so are her fans, who have shown nothing but support the whole situation.

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We continue to send all of our love to Saccone-Joly family #StayStrongSacconeJolys.