UPDATE: The Saccone-Jolys Share The Most Heartbreaking Vlog You'll Ever See

6 May 2016, 11:55 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

We continue to send our support to the Saccone-Joly family.

On Wednesday 4th May we received the terrible news that Anna Saccone-Joly had sadly lost her baby during the early stages of pregnancy. Anna posted a Snapchat that revealed the miscarriage of her third child with husband Jonathan, which showed a Coping with Early Pregnancy Loss pamphlet and a broken heart emoji.  The whole Internet community was shocked by the announcement with fellow creators and fans taking to Twitter to show their support using the hashtag #StayStrongSacconeJolys -which ended up trending worldwide.

Since then we have updated you further with the news that Anna had taken to Snapchat again later that day with a series of short videos explaining the situation. Since Anna had stated that she'll be staying offline for a "little while" their subscribers had been wondering whether the daily vlogging family, that haven't missed a video in five years, would continue to film their lives over the next few days. Surprisingly yesterday wasn't any different and YouTube saw the Saccone-Jolys upload a video at 6pm titled Everything Happens For a Reason. The video sees Jonathan explain the whole situation including footage from their hospital visit two weeks ago.

We have included the video below but it contains scenes that may cause upset.

The vlog starts the same as any of their others as Emilia shouts "Good morning friends" into the camera. However, we soon realise that things aren't as they should be when Jonathan explains that Anna had experienced some bleeding and he "doesn't know what the outcome of this vlog is going to be." The video sees Jonathan explaining the process of the pregnancy and shows footage from two weeks earlier when they suspected that Anna could be experiencing a missed miscarriage, also known as a silent miscarriage, as she was still getting all of the usual pregnancy symptoms.

He makes it clear that his videos over the last few years have been there for fans to witness the good times as well as the bad and that "life sometimes can be really cruel and take things from you." It was believed that Anna would have to undergo an operation due to nature of the miscarriage but shortly after the video went live Anna posted again on Snapchat to tell us that this would no longer be necessary.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.07.04

As well as his video, Jonathan has taken to Twitter to express his gratitude to their YouTube family that have been so supportive over the past few days. He has also, on the morning of Friday 6th May, tweeted a picture of a wishing light signifying their plans to say goodbye properly to their baby, which they had nicknamed 'Squid'. Not only are the family lighting wishing lights in memory of their third child, Jonathan has decided to get a tattoo of a little squid next to Emilia and Eduardo's names on his arm to signify their loss.

Saccone Joly miscarriage

Other than on her Snapchat, Anna hasn't publicly spoken about their loss but the couple have both decided not to tell their two young children, Emilia and Eduardo, as they "don't think it really matters for them." Jonathan spoke about his hopes that the couple will be able to get pregnant again soon and that their children will think "it was a 10 or 15 month pregnancy rather than 9 months."