Samantha Maria Has Announced Some Major Baby News

20 June 2016, 10:22 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:35

samantha maria pregnant

By Ella Wells

We are so happy for Sammi and Jason!

This weekend, whilst we were all washing our hair and watching Netflix, Samantha Maria was busy filming a pretty exciting announcement. YouTube can often be the bearer of bad news, but a video landed in our sub boxes yesterday (or Sunday 19th June, if you're reading this from the future), that made us scream with excitement. That's right, just a few months after their beautiful engagement in Mauritius, Samantha Maria and her finance, Jason Davis, have announced that they're expecting a new addition to their family - and it's not another Frenchie.

Sammi uploaded the video titled 'UPDATE: I'M PREGNANT' to tell her almost two million subscribers that she shall be expecting a mini Sammi or Jason at the end of this year. The beauty vlogger, who is already thirteen weeks pregnant, explains that it's now "become really difficult to hide it because (her) bump's really coming out"  but she reassures us that "everything's good and everything's healthy".

Sammi tells us that the vlogging couple "are really iching to find out (the gender)" and that they are planning to find out the sex at their next scan in a few weeks time. Even though Sammi would like a little girl and that Jason is hoping for a boy, she explains that the pair "will obviously both be really happy with whatever the baby is". 

The YouTuber, who's daily vlogs we love, also used the video to explain to us that she is not planning to change the content on her channel any time soon. A few other vloggers that we have watched on their journey to motherhood, such as Patricia Bright and Kate Murnane, have used their platform to help other future mums with regular pregnancy updates. However, Sammi has said that she may do some pregnancy styling videos, as that is something she has already found difficult, but other than that, the vibe of her channel will stay the same.

Following the very exciting news, the rest of the beauty vlogging community have already taken to Twitter to show their excitement for the couples huge announcement:

However, whether the pair have a little boy or girl, after seeing them around their fellow vlogging friends, The Michalaks, son Grayson, we know they will make amazing parents. We wish the couple all the best with the rest of their pregnancy and we already can't wait until December. In the meantime, check out our latest SLAY or NAY video to check out all of the latest YouTube news.