Shane Dawson Teared Up At Christina Grimmie’s Streamy Award Tribute

5 October 2016, 11:57 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We couldn't help up well up ourselves.

Once a year, everybody in the Internet community comes together to have a big old party and win awards for being absolutely incredible at what they do best. But whether folks were there to have a good time or to pick up a sparkly new award, the highlight of the show Streamy Award ceremony was the beautiful tribute to Christina Grimmie, introduced by Shane Dawson.

Shane, a close friend of Christina's, spoke about their friendship and how she was an inspiration to all creators; "Christina Grimmie was one of my very favourite people... She was unfiltered and funny, but most importantly that she wasn't judgemental. No matter who you were or what you believed in or how gross your humour was, Christina made you feel accepted". It was at this point that Shane, and all of us watching, broke down into tears.

Through tears, Shane continued to talk about Christina and her approach to both her YouTube and music career; "She didn't start because of money or fame, she started because she wanted people to connect with her music. Her dream was to have one of her songs be someone's favourite song. Thank you Christina for every beautiful moment, and thank you for every beautiful song". You can see his moving speech in the video above.

After a round of applause, Shane left the stage and the official Streamy tribute began, with long-time friend and fellow YouTuber Sam Tsui singing Nelly's "Just A Dream" - the song that helped Christina go viral on YouTube. The rest of the evening was a perfect celebration of the YouTube community, and we're thankful that Christina Grimmie was given such a respectable tribute from the community that loved her so much.


We want to extend our thanks and appreciation to the team behind the Streamy Awards for putting on such a beautiful and inclusive evening. We'll see you all again next year!