Shock Of The Century: Nicole Arbour Has Upset Someone

31 May 2016, 11:26 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Vegan vlogger / banana obsessive Freelee has clapped back at walking drama production Nicole Arbour in a new video

Another day, another Nicole Arbour-related drama. The endlessly troublesome and occasionally just horrible vlogger and 'comedian' returned recently with another oh so edgy video called 'Dear Vegans' in which she takes down vegans in the hella-woke, definitely-not-just-a-selection-of-vaguely-relevant-grade-school-insults manner that only she is capable of. This video enraged 'Freelee The Banana Girl', a vlogger who is know for, plot twist, her extreme devotion towards bananas. Yes, friends, this is easily the most bizarre story we've covered this month.



Here's Freelee's Twitter picture. See? I wasn't joking about the banana thing.

Nicole's video, which we don't need to post here - cos hey, we're all better than that, aren't we - featured Arbour listing a series of criticisms of veganism that basically boiled down to the fact that she enjoys eating meat. You may think we're over-simplifying, but here's an actual quote from the video: ''I do eat meat because I have these sharp teeth and also steak is delicious.' Freelee, her banana-infused blood presumably boiling, responded to Nicole's video in a video of her own, in which she called Nicole 'pea-brain' - a vegetable reference that is, incidentally, very on-brand for a vegan.


Freelee insists that Nicole's carnivorous leanings are the result of her being 'brainwashed' by 'mainstream propaganda'. We have no idea what she is talking about here all hail the meat industry but we know one thing for sure - Freelee ain't a fan of ol' Nicole. Will they make-up and become friends? Will the drama end in some kind of medieval duel to the death? Does anyone really care? We'll keep you posted here at we the unicorns dot com. All hail the meat industry