YouTuber Accused Of Killing Female Co-Host Has Charge Raised To First-Degree Murder

2 June 2017, 10:25 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

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By Josh Lee

A YouTuber know as the 'Skeptic Feminist' has been charged with first-degree murder after new details of Heather Anable's death emerged.

A YouTuber known as the 'Skeptic Feminist' has had his charge changed from second degree murder to first degree murder following the death of his female co-host.

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Aleksandr Kolpakov, from Colorado, was previously charged with second degree murder after Heather Anable, a fellow YouTuber who appeared alongside Kolpakov on his Skeptic Feminist channel, was found dead outside her home with gun wounds to the neck and chest.

skeptic feminist Heather Anable appeared alongside Kolpakov in his videos, and was a YouTube personality in her own right.

Kolpakov posted videos in support of feminism under the 'Skeptic Feminist' alias.

Kolpakov, a self-styled feminist who spoke out against violence against women, was initially charged with second degree murder; this means that the killing was not premeditated or the result of a vicious crime. However that charge has been upped to first degree - meaning it is now believed that Anable's murder was pre-meditated.

Documents released yesterday state that a neighbour who called the police claims he saw Kalpakov naked and behaving strangely.

“[The neighbour] stated Alek was ‘Face-Timing’ a female, not his girlfriend, on a phone and telling her he was poisoned and the mushrooms were poisoned,” officials wrote in a report, according to the Grand Junction Sentinel.

“[The neighbour] stated he then walked toward another friend’s apartment to the east and within 60 seconds heard gunshots,” they added.

Another witness claims they heard a woman screaming "I can't believe," before hearing gunshots. According to the released documents, "[The witness] then heard a male saying, 'You're a monster,' followed by two more shots while he was on the phone with 911."

Kolpakov is believed to have been under the influence of drugs during his arrest. He spoke "about rats, poison, a conspiracy and something to the effect of, 'I had to put my sweet Heather down'," according to the released documents. Investigators are now asking for Kolpakov to take a drug test.

If convicted of first degree murder, Kolpakov faces life in prison without the possibility of parole, or even the death penalty according to the law in Colorado US.