Should Snapchat Streaks Be Banned?

13 June 2018, 17:01

Snapchat. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

Do you agree?

Snapchat streaks are just one of a number of "addictive" social media features that should be scrapped, says a top official for children's welfare.

Today, the Children's Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, told the Telegraph that social media companies should "reduce down" the feature, which tallies the number of consecutive days people send Snapchat messages to one another, along with autoplay functionalities and algorithms that recommend content based on what you've just seen.

"The internet is set up to be addictive," Anne told the Telegraph in an interview. "All of the algorithms on it are silently working there to keep us addicted, whether it is the little dots that come up to tell you someone is writing a reply, to the YouTube video that moves on to the next in a nanosecond."

In response, Snapchat said that the streak function is not designed to addictive, but rather to allow friendships to grow.

What do you think? Should Snapchat streaks be banned?