Snervous Is Now Available To Watch On Netflix And Hulu

17 February 2016, 11:40 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Are y'all ready to Snervous and Chill?

If you had already seen Snervous following it's release back in December 2015, then for a long time you were in a very powerful position as people (like yours truly) still hadn't seen it. People were jealous of your dedication to Tyler Oakley, also the fact you could afford to download it straight from iTunes. But now you no longer hold that power, because Snervous just crash landed into Netflix and Hulu for everyone else to see!

Announced this week, Snervous is now officially available to watch on Netflix if you live outside the USA and can be streamed on Hulu if you do indeed live in America. It follows Tyler Oakley on his crazily successful Slumber Party Tour over the entire globe as we "see the intimate truth of Tyler's relationship with family, friends and fame".


It seems that 2016 has been a bumper year for YouTubers getting their brand spread further than their digital stomping grounds. Out of the blue, PewDiePie announced his very own gaming network RevelMode featuring stars such as Emma Blackery and CinnamonToastKen. Vloggers Oli White and Fleur De Force announced even more books to add to our collections. But, most importantly, another YouTuber made their way to Netflix's hallowed halls.

Back in January 2016, Miranda Sings announced to the world that she was getting her very own Netflix show. That's right, Miranda - not Colleen! The eight-episode series called "Haters Back Off" follows Miranda through her life as a person who genuinely believes she was born famous and is waiting for everyone else to catch up. It will be the first ever scripted streaming series undertaken by a YouTuber, but there's no release date yet so we'll keep you posted.

If you plan on watching Snervous as soon as you get home (because you're totally slacking off your priorities by reading this article RN aren't you?!), then here's the official trailer to amp up your feels!