SoFloAntonio And H3H3 Productions Are Officially At War

12 February 2016, 14:57 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Grab a seat, things are about to get nasty.

On We The Unicorns, we're all for celebrating YouTubers for their achievements and screaming SLAY whenever they grace the cover of a magazine. But what we don't like and will actively call YouTubers out on, is copyright, theft and freebooting - which is why we have some more news about SoFloAntonio.

For a while now, popular YouTuber and Facebook video meme SoFlo, has been in the practise of "downloading other people's original videos and reuploading them as [his] own" to gain views and followers. If you're still not sure what we mean by this, then watch one of SoFlo's most popular Facebook uploads below - you might recognise the female YouTuber/Viner at the end as Lizza. Long story short: she did not give SoFloAntonio permission to use her video.

This has not only annoyed a large majority of people whose content has been stolen, but has also gained the attention of the channel h3h3 Productions who are renowned for calling out crappy content creators. As well as exposing many of SoFloAntonio's pranks as fake, they recently created their own parody Facebook account under the name SoFloBro.

The plan was to mock SoFloAntonio and his 'style' of video creation - Antonio says something #relatable at the beginning to lead into the stolen video content. However, when Facebook DELETED the SoFloBro account for absolutely zero reason with absolutely zero warning, all the page's Likes were then transferred to the real SoFloAntonio page. In turn this gave Antonio 88k more Facebook likes from a page that was actively protesting what he was doing wrong. This is explained fully in h3h3's video below, posted on the 9th of February.

Are you still with us? It didn't stop there. After Facebook "closed down [h3h3's] parody page, of people who hated SoFlo, and moved all of the likes to SoFlo, in a sweeping act of justice", the Internet beef continued. The next attack came from Antonio's side of the battle, and came in the form of an active denial that he had been stealing other people's content - instead insisting that it had all been "licensed".

What this means is that apparently SoFloAntonio was allowed to repurpose other people's videos because they were literally paying for the right to do so - they licensed him their videos in order to boost their audience reach. Theft? Perhaps not in SoFlo's eyes. The video below is his denial video, if you're curious about how he managed to phrase this lovely white lie, posted on the same day.

Whilst this defence didn't exactly work out in his favour (a.k.a. no one freaking believed him), SoFloAntonio decided to switch up tactics. Instead of defending his own channel and explaining in better terms why his channel and video content was not theft, SoFlo decided to lash out at h3h3 and 'expose' them in return.

Now, this next video you really do need to see. As well as ill-considered wording and a total lack of evidence to prove that h3h3 were stealing content for THEIR OWN channel, SoFloAntonio inadvertently showed the entire world how he goes about his own version of 'theft'. Oh wait, I thought he said he was licensed these videos? Then why can we clearly see a YouTube 'Download Video' plugin? Terrible work there SoFlo. Again, this was posted on the 9th of February.

Clearly SoFloAntonio doesn't know the difference between Fair Use Policies and Copyright Theft as you can tell from the fact he could only show 1 second long clips from h3h3 Productions YouTube channel. But whilst this was a stupid move, the Internet now has enough proof to show that SoFloAntonio is in fact downloading his video content straight from YouTube - licensed or not, he still has that plugin.

What has happened since is as follows: insults, legal threats, an army of Redditors and nearly a million video views on YouTube. But finally, we're starting to get some answers regarding SoFloAntonio and how he conducts business. After receiving multiple emails from SoFloAntonio about "defamation" and "law suits" (as you can see in the video below), h3h3 Productions' Ethan had quite a lot to say. This video response feels like the overall winner of the battle, as it presents so many pieces of evidence to prove how lousy SoFloAntonio is, as well as proof that he is laundering Facebook videos from. This was posted on the 11th of February.

But now we come to the final video in this saga - so far. Posted on the same day as Ethan's epic clapback, SoFloAntonio uploaded what can only be described as the most nonsensical and unintentionally funny video we have ever seen. In an attempt to look hella masculine and prove to the world that he will beat h3h3 in this war over freebooting, SoFlo is seen snogging a poor woman, riding on a hover board and beating him up over a game of chess. Honestly. Just watch the video below and see what we mean.

This last video was posted on the 11th of February (a day before this article was written), so we have no news yet on what is going to happen, if anything at all. However, with the controversy and attention this war has received over Facebook, YouTube and Reddit, is it possible to dream that SoFloAntonio is about to be handed the ban-hammer he has been asking for all this time? We can only hope so.