The Internet Is Losing It Over This "Spider In Mouth" Sketch For Some Reason

25 August 2016, 17:22 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:19

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

JesseAndMike's 'SPIDER IN MOUTH' has earned over 21 million views in a month - What is the secret to the success of this bonkers sketch?

Sometimes YouTube confuses us a bit. There's a lot of the same sorts of videos out there, and yet individually, some of them do significantly better than others.

JesseAndMike are a collaborative YouTube channel of sketch-making goofballs. Their channel has 1.2 million subscribers; not a small number by any means, but when you compare it to the fact that many of their videos have tens of millions of views, all we knew is we just had to know their secret.

Take, for example, the mystery of "SPIDER IN MOUTH!".

On the outside, this sketch from the duo doesn't have any overly distinguishing traits from its usual brand of clickbait - an all-caps title, a slightly provocative thumbnail. The video itself isn't much different from the cartoonish antics that Smosh were doing in 2009. But something about this video is causing its views to skyrocket - as within 4 weeks, it's sitting comfortably at 21 million views.

What is the reason???

The spider doesn't even look real. The background music sounds like it belongs on a Disneyland ride. All their other videos have equally gross yet evidently fake thumbnails and clickable titles. For ages we genuinely couldn't work out who was watching these videos that they would be getting so many views.

jesseandmike spider in mouth


But a quick perusal of the comments threw the answer right into our unsuspecting faces. KIDS.

spider in mouth comments

Little kids! Out there in the world, browsing the great unknown that is YouTube and actually finding stuff that has been made for them. It's not always unboxing videos of giant eggs, or Play-Doh; sometimes kids just appreciate some goofy slapstick comedy. And in a world where we're constantly trying to tread the middle ground between millennial and disenfranchised adult, it's nice to know there are guys out there like JesseAndMike who are comfortable making content for an audience we would never even think to write for.

Long story short: we learned a thing today, and discovered a corner of YouTube we never thought we'd run into. And now we're going to leave it to its devices.