Here's Who Earns The Most For Sponsored Instagram Posts - And You May Be Surprised

17 February 2017, 15:17 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:24

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Sponsored Instagram posts are second nature to us now. We're used to seeing our favourite YouTubers and Internet stars stick a #ad or #spon in amongst their captions; but the general consensus seems to be that, as long as they're not filling their entire feed with sponsored posts, we're pretty cool with it. However, have you ever wondered how much people make? Or who actually makes the most? Well, wonder no more.

A recent report by the team at has broken down some of the mysteries surrounding sponsored Instagram posts, and it's seriously eye opening. For example, according to the report, the average sponsored post will cost a company $300; but if a person has more than 100k, followers then the average costs goes up to a crazy $800. that's just for one post on Instagram by an online star.

sponsored instagram posts

The type of person you are will also have a say in how much you earn. If you're a model, you'll do exceptionally well; and those who are photographers also make more per sponsored post.

If you've got your eye set on making it big on Instagram and making some serious dollar, be sure it's in one of the following areas (as they tend to be the ones with the most followers meaning your chances of sponsorship are higher): fitness, pets, beauty, fashion, food, photography, travel, lifestyle and music.

sponsored instagram posts

And the final shocking stat? Men charge more than women for sponsored Instagram posts! We have to admit, we were pretty surprised at this fact; especially considering how many female fashion and beauty gurus are killing it in the online influencer business!

With all this info in mind, here are three Instagram accounts to give you some serious money making inspiration:

Jim Chapman (male model/influencer)

Jim has a massive following on Instagram and is always attending events, meaning fashion brands are dying to sponsor him.

sponsored instagram posts


The Lean Machines (male fitness icons)

Incidentally, John Chapman is Jim's twin; so these two certainly know a thing about social media influence. John and Leon post everything from fitness tips, to healthy food and gym inspiration, and we love their account.

sponsored instagram posts


Amelia Liana (fashion, beauty, pets, travel and food)

Amelia is the Queen of Instagram and her account is ultimate lifestyle goals. Everyone from big label fashion brands to beauty brands are dying to work with her.

sponsored instagram posts