Here's Why We NEED To Get Louise Pentland On Strictly Come Dancing

6 June 2016, 10:32 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:35

louise pentland strictly

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Let's #GetLouiseOnStrictly

First off, we need to ask why the hell the BBC haven't selected Louise Pentland for Strictly Come Dancing already? The YouTube goddess, who boasts an amazing 2.4 million subscribers on her main channel alone, has been a Strictly fan for years but has so far not tickled the fancy of the big wigs at the BBC. But things might be about to change as Louise has pulled out all the stops to attract the attention for those in charge of the Strictly Come Dancing line-up.

For the second year in a row, #GetLouiseOnStrictly has become our favourite hashtag and the vlogger turned fashion designer turned author has been rallying around her celeb friends to help support her campaign. Everyone from bestest chummy Zoe Sugg to Glamour magazine editor Jo Elvin have been tweeting in excitement at the thought of the Glittery Goddess waltzing around on the dancefloor.

As well as Louise, rumours of a whole host of other celebrities have been doing the round on social media and in British publication Radio Times. Amongst the rumours are 00s popstar Anastacia and Geordie Shore icon Charlotte Crosby.

Louise tried to campaign last year for the show but the folk at BBC selected a bunch of other names instead including singer and TV presenter Peter Andre and The Wanted singer Jay McGuinesses who went on to win the show. No doubt with Louise's millions of fans, she'd bag a ton of public votes and win the hearts of everyone (aww!)

The #GetLouiseOnStrictly hashtag went into overdrive with fans getting super excited at the thought- here are some of our faves:

Of course, no trending hashtag would be complete without a bunch of edits and memes and this one is no different. Ever wondered what Louise would look like on Strictly? Wonder no more!

We're so proud of everything Louise does- she's the ultimate Girl Boss- and hope the BBC see sense ASAP!