YouTuber Accused Of Cheating To Become Top Overwatch Player

22 February 2017, 15:42 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:24

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

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One of the biggest female gamers on YouTube, SSSniperWolf, has just been called out for lying in a video in which she says she made it into the top 500 Overwatch players by herself. After her announcement about being one of the top players in the world got nearly 1 million views nearly a month ago, another YouTuber decided to do some investigating and found out that she may have been cheating.

In the video, SSSniperWolf proudly reveals that she has "reached the top 500" in one of her many impressive Overwatch competitive montages. She claims that she doesn't record herself playing the game so much anymore because it's "less enjoyable", but has been "playing a lot of support" which it has helped her become one of the best players this season. She faces a lot of criticism from other online players during her matches as you can see in the video, but she then goes on to prove that she's actually a top quality player.


However, YouTuber user SylviBot did some digging and has discovered that SSSniperWolf may have not made it to the top by herself... as she previously claimed. Only days before her announcement video went live, SylviBot found on Twitch that SSSniper's profile was being played (or "boosted" as a form of cheating, as the Overwatch community refer to) by one of her good friends, Digital_Nex. In one of the streams, he's seen looking at her account and saying;

"Aight let's see where the f*ck she's at... we got her to 3900"

In other streams, Digital_Nex is quoted as saying he needs to stop playing his own account in order to boost Sniper's profile more because "she wants to get ranked". SylviBot's video also goes into more details about times she has lied about character selection after only being able to "find clips of her playing Lucio or Zendaya this season", when Sniper claimed she would only "main DPS and Tank".

You can see the whole investigation below, and come to your own conclusions about whether or not she was cheating.

Since SylviBot's video went live and gained the attention of many SSSniper fans, she has pinned a response to the criticisms on her original video. She states that the video was a "fake" that "twisted facts" and "took things out of context". But what do you think? Read SSSniper's comment below and let us know whether you think she has been cheating or not: