YouTubers Join Forces For Stand Up To Cancer And Here's What We'd Love To See Happen

22 September 2015, 10:28 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Put Saturday 17th October in your diary right now because it's set to be one of the biggest days in YouTube history. All in the name for StandUpToCancer, some of your favourite YouTubers are taking part in a 12 hour live stream to help raise a stack load of cash.

Everyone from Dan and Phil, TomSka, Caspar Lee and Pixiwoo will be joined by famous faces from TV and film and we're expecting a whole lot of mischief and funny antics in the name of a brilliant cause. Speaking of being part of the event, Caspar said: "“We’re honoured to be part of YouTube Stands Up To Cancer and we’re looking forward to helping raise lots of money and kicking cancer's butt.”

caspar lee gif

The event will be live streamed from three YouTube HQs - London, LA and New York- and will kick off at 12 noon GMT.

YouTube's senior director said: "This is a fantastic and ambitious project in which we're hugely proud to play a part. The stars of YouTube are watched and loved by passionate communities of millions of fans - who will no doubt rally around this important cause and campaign, crossing borders and boundaries to raise money and awareness for cancer research. I can't wait to see the content produced by standing together on this."

Excited? Us too! Here's five things we're expecting to happen...

There'll be a mass international sing-a-long

Think words on the screen karaoke style for you to sing at home and every tone and pitch going with YouTubers around the world. Fun!

SORTEDfood will have to eat some gross stuff

The boys are used to cooking up a storm but we'd love them to take part in a gross food challenge where they had to guess what it was they were actually eating.


Miranda Sings will bag a new bae

Miranda isn't confirmed for the event yet but we'll be surprised if she doesn't manage to make an appearance. And, rumour has it, she's after a new bae. We think the SORTEDfood guys need to watch out...

Joe Sugg will fall flat on his face

He seems the clumsy type

Pixiwoo will do Phan's make-up

We'd pay big bucks to see this happen- can you imagine? Nic and Sam could easily create a bold brow and strong contour on Dan and Phil!

If you want to tune into the event, head to YouTube on 17th October from noon GMT. If you want to donate to Stand Up To Cancer, click here. And stay tuned to the Stand Up To Cancer Twitter account for more announcements about the event.