Study Finds Majority Of Young People Say 'YouTuber' Is Their Dream Job

25 May 2017, 11:49 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

A new study has shown that young people seem to rate being a YouTuber far above being a doctor, lawyer or other traditionally sought-after jobs

A third of children want to be a YouTuber when they grow up, according to a poll by the travel company First Choice. First Choice polled one thousand young people between the ages of six and seventeen about their dream job and found that 'YouTuber' was chosen ahead of any other profession. Slightly confusingly, 'YouTuber' and 'Vlogger' were put as two separate options on the survey, but seeing as they placed first and second respectively, it's pretty clear that working in online video is number one in young people's minds:

YouTuber job

Source: The Sun


The survey also asked the participants about why those chose the jobs they did. First Choice reported that about one in nine respondents said their choice of YouTuber was because they wanted fame and about the same about said that it was because it offered a chance for self-expression.

youtuber job


It's worth noting that 'film maker' and 'TV presenter' were not far behind 'YouTuber' on the dream list, so creativity is clearly key in young peoples' minds. The Sun reports that "the survey was prompted when Beth Ward, ten, from Middlesbrough, sent a letter to First Choice about her YouTube video of a family holiday to Mexico."

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