Suicide Bomb Prank Causes Uproar On YouTube

10 March 2016, 13:37 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Will these stupid pranks ever end?!

One day, we're going to install a countdown in Unicorns HQ to see how many days we can survive on YouTube without another ridiculous prank video being uploaded. It would be a massive waste of money though, because it would only ever reach one or two days before some idiot pranksters tries to, oh I don't know, pretend to be a suicide bomber in a country suffocating under war and terrorism. Wait, that just happened.

Uploaded last week to a barrage of hate, shock and disapproval, a 'comedy team' of popular Saudi Arabian pranksters TubeUp uploaded a video to their channel in which a man wearing a fake bomb pretends to a suicide bomber. Hilarious, right? After picking up passengers, including a young boy, the 'taxi driver' asks them what they "think about Jihad" before revealing an incredibly realistic bomb belt underneath his traditional dress. From here, people are seen begging for their life or simply jumping from the moving vehicle to escape.

The driver continues with the 'prank' (we're using this term very loosely right now) by talking to his passengers about the merits of suicide attacks, and reassuring them that they will "be in heaven with a single press of this button". Before any real damage is done, the bomb prank is revealed as fake and the victim is shown where all the in-car cameras are hiding. It's safe to say that most of the passengers do not immediately start laughing and congratulating the pranksters on their epic bants. Most look downright horrified.

Only a week after the video was uploaded, the 'prank' was taken down as it generated a predictably large amount of hate. Some of the comments brought up the general ignorance of the pranksters to undergo such a dangerous risk in a country struggling with genuine suicide attacks on a regular basis; "What's more funny than religious extremism caused deaths?! Nothing". Social media users have called for actions against the pranksters whilst TubeUp have defended their video by claiming that it was made in order to "scare people away from suicide bombings".

Bomb prank

Regardless of whether the video was made to raise awareness for the act of suicide bombings or not, TubeUp made a seriously bad judgement call in not only uploading this video, but thinking it was even a good idea to begin with. At Unicorns HQ we're left with the same burning question we ask at the end of all these prank videos - will this awful streak of shocking videos ever end?! We hope so. ASAP.