These are the swear words you can say on YouTube without being demonetised

29 January 2019, 15:31

youtube swearing demonetised demonetized
Picture: YouTube: Markiplier
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Turns out YouTube is more relaxed about cursing than you'd think

YouTube has opened up about which fucking swear words you're allowed to put in your videos, you prick.

In a new video from the channel Creator Insider, which is one of the more casual channels that fall under the official YouTube umbrella, some hosts in the know gives us a deep dive into which goddamn words we can include in our shitty videos.

What you CAN say

It transpires that you are totally cool to use the softer swear words like: hell, damn, dang and shoot - and to be honest if you consider those to be 'swear words' then there's a good chance you're a Texan youth pastor from the year 1978.

Now, in a bit of a twist, the video also states that you can say "fuck" in your videos and not be demonetised for it - you just can't say it too many times. Once, maybe twice is okay, but if you're using it constantly then you haven't got any hope of making any money.

What you CAN'T say

Like we said, too many f-bombs will spoil the proverbial broth.

In addition, there are a number of words that will condemn you with but a single utterance. These are all the usual suspects: the C word, the other F word - basically any word that people refer to as "the '...' word".

Further, hateful content directed at a specific individual or group of people will get you demonetised. And if you think you can include racial slurs in your video and get away with it by beeping them, then think again: videos with racial slurs, beeped or not, will never be monetised.

I mean, this is common sense stuff. Think of it this way: if there's a word that I wouldn't dare to write in this article, even as a joke, it's probably a word that you shouldn't be saying in your YouTube videos (or, to be honest, your life in general).

You may not like this, and you may yell about freedom of speech etc etc blah, blah, blah - but remember: this isn't about freedom of speech - this is about whether private companies want to place paid ads on your videos, and you have no 'right' to that.

If you want Pampers, or whoever, to put an ad on your Minecraft play-through, you'll have to play by the rules, fucker.