YouTubers Are Suing YouTubers Now Because No One Can Be Nice

14 September 2016, 15:47 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is some serious stuff if it goes to court.

It looks like not everything with Team Internet is rainbows and cupcakes because two of the most controversial YouTubers are taking each other to court. It's not clear right now why the suing is even taking place, but all we can confirm is that Tana Mongeau is v. pissed about being sued - and her fanbase are already calling out the Caci Twins for being involved.

The two different channels, boasting nearly 2 million subscribers combined, have been at each throats for months now with accusations of "incestuous behaviour" and "fake Storytime videos" being thrown about almost everyday. In a recent YouNow hosted by Tana, she spills the beans on precisely why she can't stand the Caci Twins and officially declares them as "exposed". You can watch the full 55 minute broadcast below:

News broke of Tana's suing on Twitter when she alerted her fans to her "bad day" - "Being sued upon claims that are lies. sure you can guess by who. sigh... sad that cruel people really have it out for others in the world". In response to this tweet, a fan helpfully went through Tana's replies and filled in the gaps; "[The Caci Twins] think Tana is being rude and invading their privacy, which Tana didn't and they just want money. This leads us to speculate that the lawsuit is over defamation.

Whilst the Caci Twins have stayed somewhat quiet about the suing accusations on their social media, a string of cocky tweets did appear on their Twitter over the last couple of days around the idea of "#spreadlovenothate" and how they are "amazed at how somebody can tell lies about another person because of their own insecurities". It looks like this spat won't end for a little while, but we'll keep you updated if anything further happens.

What do you think about the case - Are the Caci Twins right to defend their brand against defamation, or are they only suing Tana Mongeau "for money"? Let us know in the comments below.