A Famous YouTuber “Pranked" Tana Mongeau Into Saying The N-Word And It’s Not OK

25 January 2017, 13:20 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

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By Charleyy Hodson

This is a rollercoaster.

UPDATE: Since this article was published, iDubbbzTV has uploaded his Content Cop on Tana Mongeau clearing up some of the inaccuracies about her retelling of their encounter. You can read more about these developments HERE.

In a new video posted to YouTube, Tana Mongeau just revealed the emotional story of how she was attacked in one of her most recent meet and greets. The star, who's only 18-years-old, was approached by a man wearing her merchandise, before he wrapped his arm around her neck and forced her to say the "n-word" into a camera.

However, fans have just figured out that her attacker wasn't like any other fan.

Tana describes how her recent tour stop in San Francisco was soured after a fan who had paid upwards of $200 for a VIP meet and greet experience "scared her beyond words". The fan "locked his arm around [her] neck" and told her to look directly into his camera before shouting "SAY N****R" into her face. After a struggle, Tana wrestled out of his grasp before getting her tour manager to remove him from the room so she could greet the rest of her fans.

She goes into even more detail in the vlog below:

Mongeau recalls the moment, saying she was "scared for so many reasons... [she] literally felt like a ghost". She later discussed in her vlog about how she wants more security at future events (making reference to the late Christina Grimmie), in addition to discussing white privilege. But once her video went live, fans have done some serious sleuthing and figured out who this aggressive attendee was.

Before the show, iDubbbzTV was spotted meeting his own fans outside before they were all ushered into the VIP meet and greets.

One Twitter user was able to capture it in the following clip:

After iDubbbzTV was brought to the attention of Tana, she updated her side of the story over on her Snapchat where she recalls sending him a very explicit tweet months ago: “So 3 million ppl subscribe to u and u openly say the n-word and retard???? kill yourself”. This tweet was understandably deleted quickly after, but fans are saying iDubbbzTV's recent attack must be in retaliation to this original message as it was the first interaction between the two YouTubers.

Back on Snapchat, she continues to explain how shocked she is that someone went so far out of their way to respond to a deleted tweet: "This YouTuber iDubbbzTV... bought a $200 ticket to my meet and greet and show and then tried to get me to say the n-word on camera with him... you're a f*cking racist and that's not f*cking cool".

This sentiment was then repeated on Twitter, where she decided to @ him.

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The whole encounter was filmed by a female friend who attended Tana's meet and greet with iDubbbzTV, so social media is now eagerly waiting to see what footage he caught. There are rumours that he is about to release one of his notable "Content Cop" series about Mongeau and her channel, like he has done for Leafy and Keemstar in the past.

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