Tana Mongeau Is "Quitting YouTube" And We Honestly Get It

27 September 2017, 14:19 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Tana Mongeau Is "Quitting YouTube" And We Honestly

By Benedict Townsend

In a thirty - yes thirty - minute video (which we watched the entirety of for the sake of this article, so you're welcome actually) Tana looked back over the way she has developed in her time on YouTube.

Tana talks about how she hates the way the internet handles 'mistakes', saying that with every mistake she made 'hundreds of thousands of people' would come for her she says that making mistakes is 'what human beings do' and that it's unfair that she is held to some higher standard than normal people. She says that the measure of a person is not the mistakes they make, but how they deal with them and learn from them (yeah, this video got pretty deep fast).

Tana Mongeau quitting

She says that the only opinion that really matters is your own and the only person who really knows who you are, is you. She attacks people who say they hating on her just because it's a 'bandwagon' they've jumped on and says she's tired of people commenting that they hate her, but still coming back to every single one of her videos.

But is she actually quitting YouTube?

Ya, so here's the thing. It's a thirty minute long video (did we mention this? It's thirty minutes long. Three-zero minutes long) and it's called 'I'm quitting YouTube' but she doesn't really actually say anything in the video that's very concrete about whether she's actually gonna, you know, actually leave. The video certainly certainly seemed very affirmative - and there's a good chance she's abandoning her main channel - or at least her old style of videos, in favour of a more, open and honest vlogging approach.