TanaCon CEO teases 'official' documentary coming this week

31 October 2018, 11:38

tanacon ceo Michael Weist documentary
Picture: Instagram
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

The TanaCon drama continues

TanaCon CEO Michael Weist has dropped the bombshell that he is releasing an 'official' documentary about the doomed Tana Mongeau-themed convention this week.

The news came after Tana posted a picture of herself dressed up as Michael for Halloween. Fans thought it was hilarious... but Michael was not quite as amused, and took the opportunity to drop the bombshell that he is releasing a documentary about TanaCon this week.

And Tana clapped back

To which he replied:

"Oh no, you’re wrong. This will be completely free. People need to see the truth. They need to see the footage. I woke up today to Tana making fun of me. While this maybe a joke to her, I’ve dealt with this everyday for the last 5 months. Disgusting."

For the uninitiated, TanaCon was a disastrous YouTube convention that utterly fell apart from almost the instant it began.

Tana and Michael - and some attendees - have been locked in a feud ever since, despite Shane Dawson trying to settle things in one of his trademark documentaries.

Fans did not seem hyped about the prospect

Shane also had an idea:

What tea will this documentary spill, sis? Only time will tell - but you know we'll be the first to let you know.