Tanya Burr Just Announced Her Book Tour - Here's Where You Can Get Tickets

6 June 2016, 09:51 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:35

tanya burr book tour

By Charleyy Hodson

Have you grabbed your ticket yet?!

Announced over the weekend, another YouTuber will be hitting the road and signing up a storm with an almost sold-out book tour across England. After the release of her highly-anticipated Tanya Bakes book, Tanya Burr will be checking in at seven locations across England to meet fans, sign books and hopefully film a couple vlogs for her channel. We have all the details below.

The book, which is currently available to preorder pretty much everywhere around the world, showcases Tanya and her life-long love of baking; "Baking is close to my heart and has been really important to me ever since I was little". The book features TONNES of recipes "that have been passed down through my family and those that have been shared amongst my closest friends", so you know they're tried and tested! Tanya Bakes is officially released on the 30th of June, and now has a summery book tour following on just afterwards.

Tanya announced the news on Twitter to her VERY excited fanbase that she would be signing books and meeting everybody on the following dates (which, btw, you can totally still grab tickets for Ł18 over on her official website!):

  • London - July 2nd
  • Norwich - July 3rd
  • Milton Keynes - July 25th
  • Birmingham - July 26th
  • Liverpool - July 27th
  • Dublin - July 29th
  • Dartford - July 30th

Whilst the locations for each event have not been confirmed, tickets to meet Tanya on her hugely anticipated #TanyaBakes tour have been selling rapidly - with some fans even setting timers to make sure they can get their hands on their golden ticket. However, as with most tours regardless of whether it's for a book, movie or band, the artist can't be everywhere at once, so some fans have been complaining. Tanya has since responded on Twitter with an explanation; "I'm so sorry if I haven't got a signing date in your city, but it's not always my decision, it depends on venues, budget, demand, etc. xxx", is she making it to your city? Let us know in the comments below.


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