Tanya Burr Slams Trolls Who Called Her Out... Over A T-Shirt?!

20 October 2016, 15:40 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:38

tanya burr tshirt

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

She went in HARD.

Tanya Burr is several things- stylish, sweet, humble - but one thing we never really had her down as was a super feisty woman! bShe proved she just as fired-up as anybody else when she recently called out a troll who went out of their way to comment on her video to complain about her choice of t-shirt. Honestly, this actually happened.

In Tanya's recent Q&A; video, Tanya can be seen looking utterly gorgeous with her new shorter hair style and wearing a vintage Joy Division band t-shirt as she chats away and answers questions on everything from overcoming stage fright to which Disney princess she feels she is most like. So far, so simple. You can see the "offending" t-shirt below:

But for two mean comment trolls, the fact that Tanya wore a retro Joy Division t-shirt really upset them and they then took to leaving her a comment calling her out for wearing a t-shirt for a band they wondered if she even knew about: "I wonder if she even knows who Joy Division [are]". In response, YouTube user Chloe Mulroy added "She has [got] NOT a clue".

Rather than ignoring the trolls that we're all so commonly told to do, Tanya took it upon herself to call out those shaming her for the choice of fashion she opted for in a video... and she seriously didn't hold back. Tanya tweet out a screen grab of her comment and including the hashtag #sorrynotsorry to show her fans that shaming her based on music taste was simply not on.

We're proud of Tanya for not biting her tongue and hitting back against such needless aggressive comments, especially when she adds to her reply that they should "f*cking get over it". Slay, Ms Burr!

Tanya wasn't without support after her tweet, which has nearly 20,000 favourites to date, got the attention of fellow YouTubers Louise Pentland and Naomi Victoria.




Finally, we'll leave you with Zoe Sugg's response which sums up exactly how we feel.


Do you think Tanya was right to call out the t-shirt haters? Or should we have just let it slide? Let us know in the comments below!