Tanya Burr Launches #TimeForGirls To End Gender Inequality

4 March 2016, 12:03 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

tanya burr timeforgirls

By Charleyy Hodson

Tanya is leading the gender revolution!

Tanya Burr has just announced one of the most fantastic and inspiring campaigns we've ever seen from a YouTube creator. In a month destined to change the landscape for female creators and innovators, the #TimeForGirls initiative aims to "make our world more equal, more inclusive and as a result better in every way". All YOU need to do to end gender inequality and help solve a multitude of problems suffocating our planet, Tanya has set up three very simple and easy steps.

Back in September 2015, Tanya joined dozens of important entertainment, political and environmental personalities to help create 'Global Goals' - "17 goals agreed upon by 193 world leaders to end poverty, fight inequality and end climate change". However, as Tanya states on her blog, Goal 5 about gender equality rang so loudly in her heart that she knew she had to help out beyond being just a spokesperson for the campaign. This is where her #TimeForGirls strategy comes in.

Tanya points out that "31 million girls are still not enrolled in primary schools, every day 39,000 girls are forced into marriages and women make up only 22% of parliament seats and 8% of the world's executives" - Tanya wants to change this for good. By creating an online hub for people to raise awareness and take action against gender inequality, "the more seriously our politicians have to take these issues". So how can you help Tanya and her long-term commitment to the Global Goals?

Step One - Visit the official Global Goals website and pick one of the petitions to support, ranging from 'Poverty Is Sexist', 'Let Girls Learn' to 'End FGM'. Once you've taken action on one of these petitions, Step Two is to take a photo of yourself with the words #TimeForGirls written on your hand and share it to social media using the same hashtag. And lastly, Step Three is to feel happy and proud in the knowledge that you've taken proactive action towards ending gender inequality!

The Global Goals reached 3 billion people back in September 2015, but the 17 Goals will be put into place over the next 15 years. Tanya speaks fondly of her childhood and how lucky is she to be the woman she is today, showing a true appreciation for her position as both YouTube Creator and inspirational woman. She'll be hosting a Twitter chat soon (date to be confirmed) where people can ask her questions regarding the campaign if they needed anymore advice on how to help. We'll update this article when we have a confirmed date.