Tati Westbrook hits 10 million subscribers following James Charles video

15 May 2019, 14:54

Tati Westbrook James Charles video
Picture: Tati Westbrook

By Woodrow Whyte

Tati Westbrook has now gained 4 million subscribers since her video about former friend James Charles

Tati Westbrook has now hit the 10 million subscribers milestone following her epic, 43-minute dressing down of former friend and fellow beauty YouTuber James Charles.

For those that aren't in the loop (sis, where the hell have you been?!) James and Tati fell out after James promoted a competitor's vitamins. Instead of supporting Tati's brand Halo Beauty, he posted about viral brand Sugar Bear Hair vitamins while at Coachella.

People think Jeffree Star has taken down James Charles' merch store

After she found out about it, Tati uploaded an emotional Instagram story where she explained that she felt used. A week later, the feud reignited after Gabriel Zamora called out Tati's "fraudulent behaviour," based on what James had said. 

In her video, titled "BYE SISTER..." (May 10), Tati details how she helped James when he was just starting out as a beauty YouTuber. She says that her and her husband supported James and helped him get deals when no one wanted to work with him follow his Ebola scandal. She also calls James out for his behaviour, "manipulation" and constant sexual comments around straight men. James uploaded an apology video not long after apologising to Tati and her husband James Westbrook.

The fall out has been huge, and is still unfolding. James has lost million of subscribers and has been been called out by various people including another former friend Jeffree Star, who alleged that his boyfriend banned James from their house because of his behaviour.

While the pile on continues every day, Tati is seeing the complete opposite effect, and is gaining tens of thousands of followers every hour. In the five days since her video, Tati has gained 4 million new subscribers, and now sits at a cool 10,038,673 subs at the time of writing.

Her 'Bye Sister' video is also her top performing video ever, with 43.5 million views.

James, however, has lost 3.1 million subscribers and his apology video is on 44 million views. It has now broken into the list of the top 20 most disliked YouTube videos in history.

Tati and James have been mostly silent since their initial videos, although Tati did tweet two days ago (May 13th) about delaying her next video as her "heart was still too heavy".

It's likely that lots of conversations are going on behind the scenes, so don't expect this drama to end any time soon.