Jake Paul is forming a new group as Team 10 appears to be over

18 October 2018, 12:21 | Updated: 18 October 2018, 12:25

Team 10
Team 10. Picture: Social media

By Chandni Sembhi

Jake Paul has wiped all Team 10 social media accounts in preparation for his new team.

Jake Paul started Team 10 in 2016, and since then, the team have had some WILD times, as well as some pretty cutting lineup changes. Like the Sugababes. Regardless of how you feel about the team, they have given us some great memories over the years. Funny prank videos, insane challenges, and an ridiculously huge house.

But recently, things have started to seem a little off. People have been leaving, Jake's dad has moved into the house, and ex-team members have been saying the house is an extremely toxic place. All of that combined with YouTube legend Shane Dawson's latest documentary, The Mind of Jake Paul, which suggests that Team 10 isn't good for him, and that Jake needs to be living a more normal life.

Whatever the reasons are, the Team 10 Instagram and Twitter accounts have been completely wiped, and it has been announced that a new team is coming soon.

The Team 10 Instagram page
The Team 10 Instagram page. Picture: Instagram
Team 10 Twitter
Team 10 Twitter. Picture: Twitter

The original members of Team 10 were Jake Paul, Alissa Violet, Neels Visser, The Dobre Twins, AJ Mitchell and Alex Lange. The only member still remaining in Team 10 is Jake Paul. Jake, along with Anthony Trujillo, Erika Costell, Chad Tepper, Ben Hampton and Justin Roberts, make up the current Team 10 lineup.

We don't currently know if the announcements mean Team 10 as a whole is dying and going to replaced with something completely different, or if there is just going to be another huge lineup change.

Either way, it seems like Team 10 as we know it is going to die, and there's nothing we can do about it.

What do you think is going to happen? Are you sad about Team 10 coming to an end?