Three People Just Left The Team 10 House - What's Going On?

1 August 2017, 10:57 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

Team 10 House

By Josh Lee

Is change a'coming?

The Team 10 house has been in absolutely through it over the past couple of weeks. If it's not neighbours threatening legal action against the rowdy house, it's the police turning up to move wayfaring YouTubers off Jake Paul's lawn. It's no secret that Jake and the Team 10's antics in their West Hollywood home have gotten under the skin of not just his local community, but, thanks to the attention of the press, the whole world. But according to recent social media activity, that might all be about to change.


Are Team 10 leaving their house?

Several members of Team 10 have been dropping various hints that the house as we know it (that is to say, a graffitti-riddled cess-pit of late-adolescent hormones and poorly-devised prank debris) is coming to an end. Tristan Tales, the Martinez Twins and Team 10 leader Jake Paul himself have all left cryptic clues littered across social media that points to this. Let's consider the evidence:

Tristan Tales

Tristan has been sharing videos as part of the Team 10 house since February this year. But on Sunday, he shared two tweets that seem to suggest his time there was coming to an end: "It cost [sic] more to move all my things than my things are actually worth."

If it was just Tristan tweeting about leaving, then there's be no cause for suspicion. After all, people come and go from the Team 10 house all the time. However, the Martinez twins also seem to be leaving for good.

The Martinez twins

On Monday, Ivan and Emilio shared a video to YouTube entitled "We left the Team 10 house forever". The brothers have had to leave America for a short while to renew their visas in their homeland, Spain. Although they plan to return to the US once their paperwork is in order, the title of their video suggests that they won't be returning to the same house.

So that's the Martinez twins out, and Tristan Tales out. And the final piece of evidence comes from Jake himself.

Jake Paul

Yesterday, Jake shared a video to Youtube in which he revealed he was repairing the damage done to the Team 10 house. After months of spraying crap on the walls, running into walls with helmets, setting seeming pools on fire, Jake finally realised that it might be time to fix things up. In the video, Jake takes down the temporary walls used to create bedrooms for all of the housemates, and re-plaster broken wall corners. Returning the house to an appropriate state in preparation for moving out, perhaps?

So what's going on in the Team 10 house?

Team 10 make too much money for anyone to seriously consider that they might be disbanding. It's more likely that the gang are moving out into a new house, following complaints from neighbours. Knowing our luck/misfortune (delete as appropriate) they will move into a larger house to accommodate even more gang members and continue to rain destruction/joy (delete as appropriate) on the world for years to come.

But at least their poor neighbours might finally get a good night's sleep.

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