Teen Murdered By Best Friend Over YouTube Music Video

29 June 2016, 11:22 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:17

We the Unicorns

By Lea Rice

The details are heartbreaking.

An argument between two friends in Sacramento, Northern California, ended in tragedy this month - allegedly started by a disagreement over a YouTube video. At the court hearing of the accused 23 year old Fredrick Marshall on Monday, a judge heard how Fredrick argued with Deston Garrett, shot him in the torso and fled the residence before the police arrived.

According to the parents of deceased 19 year old Deston, the teen had been excited about his homemade music video gaining a number of hits on the YouTube platform. At approximately 9pm on June 9, 2016, Deston had been listening to music in his room with Fredrick - a friend of the family for a number of years - when a dispute about the video broke out between the two. The exact subject of the argument is yet to be revealed, however we have heard that Deston had asked Fredrick to leave the residence before the shooting took place.

Deston's parents told KTXL-TV's news bulletin that they had no reason not to trust the long-time family friend in their home, even stating that Fredrick had joined them on a family camping trip mere weeks before the incident. It has not yet been revealed where the culprit obtained the weapon used to shoot his friend. Mrs.Garrett added, "My son died over a freaking view on a song on YouTube. It's like, you open your door to the devil and you let him in. That's what I feel like I did."  

Fredrick Weston was located and arrested on Friday 24 June, 2016 - the morning of Deston's memorial service, where his classmates from Sacramento City Unified School District’s Accelerated Academy paid tribute to him. He was due to graduate from the academy around the time of his death, with his sights set on playing football for the NFL. The accused was held at a $100,000 bail.