Teen Vlogger Sings Happy Birthday To HITLER & Gets Banned From YouTube

23 May 2016, 10:08 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

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By Benedict Townsend

And Now, For Our Most Ridiculous Story Of The Day ...

In a move that should come as a surprise to (hopefully) no one, YouTube has terminated the YouTube account of an 18 year old Canadian girl who made a variety of bizarre pro-Nazi videos. The YouTuber, who went by the username Evalion, made a video celebrating Hitler's birthday in which she even decorated some cupcakes with swastikas. Yep. But her fascist leanings didn't end in the kitchen - the birthday video was in fact just the tip of the Nazi content iceberg.




She also made such videos as 'How To Spot a Jew' and a 'Why Hitler Wasn't Evil' (on brand for her). She also admits to being a holocaust denier and frequently shares flagrantly racist and anti-semitic statements on social media. Perhaps the most depressing element of this whole insane story is that she had managed to amass more that 40,000 subscribers by the time her account was terminated. We'd like to think that a large number of those subs were people who were watching out of pure morbid fascination (or hate-watching) but the sheer number of subs does reaffirm what we've always known: people can be the worst.


Credit- News Dog Media

FFS. (Credit: News Dog Media)


An official YouTube spokesperson said: "That channel was terminated by us because it violated policies against hate speech." This makes a lot of sense considering YouTube's various rules about hate content on their site and, you know, the whole 'she's literally a Nazi' thing.


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