These Vloggers Are Telling The Real Story Of Teenage Pregnancy

29 October 2015, 14:15 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Back in the dizzy heights of the 00s, reality TV ruled and nothing was off-limits. Amongst the endless series' of Big Brother and X Factor lay a bunch of documentaries about teenage pregnancy. Of course, the entire concept was owned by MTV's 16 And Pregnant which made stars of some of the young mothers. The show aimed to document the "real" struggle of going through a pregnancy at such a young age but, as is the case with most reality shows, there was a lot of staged and set-up moments.

The public's interest with 16 And Pregnant eventually died down, although it's still show on TV, but we're still intrigued in hearing people's stories and that's what makes YouTube so interesting. Recently we discovered a bunch of vloggers who are sharing their tales of being teenage parents. The result? Gripping, interesting vlogs that will broaden your mind just a little bit...


16 And Pregnant: BarbiesBeauty's Story

BarbiesBeauty started her channel at around 13 years old and grew quite the subscriber count. Focussing on teen beauty and style, the channel grew from strength to strength thanks to beauty hauls and hair tutorials. So when a video appeared announcing she was halfway through her pregnancy, viewers were initially taken back. The video has since had over 600,000 views and the BarbiesBeauty channel has continued to document the tale of life as a pregnant teen.


Teenage Pregnancy Q&A;

Taylor was another successful teen YouTuber who then got pregnant at 15. Concealing her pregnancy from her followers, she only announced recently that she's the mother of a baby boy called Jason. In this Q&A;, Taylor discusses everything from why she went to Vietnam to give birth to how her mother reacted to her pregnancy. Insightful and intelligent, this Q&A; is worth watching no matter what your age or future plans.


Choosing Adoption

Sierra's first teenage pregnancy video has had over 11.5 million views and she's since gone on to make more videos talking about her experiences. In this video, she explains why she chose to give her son up for adoption. At times, this video is absolutely heartbreaking but there's moments where you glimpse the hope in Sierra's eyes for a brighter future for both herself and her son. A different side to what life can be like as a teenage mother, we were gripped by this.


So, what do you make of these videos? Whilst they're probably classed as the slightly more obscure side of YouTube, we think they make a very interesting and important point.