Tessa Brooks Just Suffered A Major YouTube And Twitter Hack

16 August 2017, 10:02 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Tessa Brooks hack

By Josh Lee

It appears to be part of a co-ordinated attack on Team 10.

Tessa Brooks is one of a number of "Team 10" YouTubers to suffer a social media hack within the last 24 hours.

Tessa Brooks hacked A video entitled "haha you've been hacked" was seen on Tessa Brooks' YouTube channel.

Yesterday, the Team 10 member's Twitter account was taken over by a "snail army hacker" who filled her timeline with posts about snails. There also appears to be a number of small Twitter accounts who appear to have knowledge of - or are connected to - the hack. Another account that appears to be connected - @snail - had been suspended by Twitter.


Here's what Tessa Brooks' hacked Twitter Timeline looks like right now.



Tessa Brooks' YouTube channel has also been hacked.

Her video titles have been changed to reflect the name of the apparent hacking group - "Snail Army" - and new videos with bizarre titles such as "how to install fraps by Oliver" and "big dad" have been shared.

Tessa Brooks hacked YouTube channel

Shortly after the hack, a new account claiming to be the real Tessa Brooks was set up.

She tweeted from the new account: "This is the real Tessa Brooks. @ImTessaBrooks sadly got hacked, me and Team 10 are currently trying to get it back." Tessa also shared a video apparently confirming the new account; however, at the time of publishing, the new account has not been verified by Twitter.

Tessa isn't the only Team 10 member to have their social media accounts leaked in the past 24 hours.

Jake Paul and Chance Sutton have had personal details and intimate pictures leaked on their Twitter accounts. The fact that all three accounts have been attacked in the past 24 hours suggests that this was a co-ordinated hack on Team 10; however nobody from the YouTuber group - or the hackers - have commented on this.

Read about the hack on Jake and Chance's social media here.

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