The Pope Had Some Very Nice Things To Say About Louise Pentland

31 May 2016, 10:05 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:42

Louise Pentland and the pope

By Benedict Townsend

The Pope is apparently fond of Louise Pentland's work

You'd think he would be more of a fan of Papal Paypal, but the Pope has praised YouTube this past week as he met with a group of Internet stars. The Guardian reports that Pope Francis stated that: “You can create a virtual identity; you belong to this circle at least virtually. From that you can start taking a path of optimism and hope." The meeting lasted close to an hour and the online guests Dulce Candy and Syrian teenager Hayla Ghazal. They're presence was no accident: Hayla works to empower women in the middle east and Dulce came to the US illegally as a child from Mexico in 1994, so both have an important social context behind their meeting.



The Pope also went out of his way to praise vlogger and perennial fave Louise Pentland, (of Sprinkle of Glitter fame), saying: “I am glad that you carry out the type of work you said, following the line of beauty, it’s a great thing. To preach beauty and show beauty helps neutralise aggression.” Lovely stuff! We're glad that the Pope feels as positively about Louise as we do.