Beauty Vloggers Are Now Doing 100 Coats Of Mascara Challenge And Its Gross AF

20 July 2016, 15:30 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Imogen Ogden

When eyelashes become spiders.

First came the #polishmoutain craze and then came the 100+ layers of liquid lipstick challenge. But now the beauty vloggers of YouTube have taken it yet another step further by conjuring up the idea applying of 100+ coats of mascara in one go. Similar to the format of what the 100+ layers of liquid lipstick was, this new challenge makes for not only a scary appearance but the fear of loosing your eyelashes forever. YouTuber Nicole Skyes has been the first to try this wildly ridiculous challenge out for herself. Prepare to be seriously grossed out!


Nicole states very clearly at the beginning of her video that like most other 100+ challenge on YouTube at the moment, she was 100% inspired by the #polishmountain video. That video features SimplyNailLogical continuously applying layers of nail polish until they've created a tower of built up polish - hence its hashtag: #polishmountain. Nicole wanted to put a twist on that video to generate a new concept for the 100+ something challenge and soon came up with the idea of #mascaramountain.

Nicole not only wanted to see what a hundred coats of mascara would look like, she also wanted to test how many coats you could get out of your average mascara product. This idea came from her 'How Many' mini series, which is designed to discover how many applications or uses you can get out of certain beauty products. Nicole mixed this with the 100+ challenge Nicole came up with the concept for her latest video: A hundred coats of mascara. Considering the fact that people would normally only put around 2 or 3 coats of mascara on each day to achieve a desired look, it's insane to imagine what a hundred times that would feel like on your eyes!


Not surprisingly this challenge is a very lengthy process - it took Nicole over two hours to apply so many coats to her eyelashes. But once the layers started to build up, the video quickly starts to become very gross, very quickly. At first, the lashes appear to just get longer and slightly bolder than normal, but by coat 20 the natural lashes quickly disappear underneath the clump of makeup and start to resemble spider legs; long, thick and flaky. In terms of how efficient the mascara is, Nicole does point out that around coat 35 the tube gets noticeably lighter, updating us on how many applications are provided by the product.


But by layer 45 Nicole's eyelashes look incredibly lumpish and crusty, the complete opposite effect mascara is meant to do. Nicole goes on to say how hard it is to blink and that her eyes start to feel immensely heavy. Not only that, but the mascara becomes rock-like, making it harder to keep applying the coats, yet Nicole still finds a way and continues to keep applying layer after layer.


By the end of it, Nicole shows us a close-up of her lashes, which now look like a squashed insect. It's insane to see how much a hundred coats of mascara ACTUALLY is, especially when you compare her bare eye against the 'mutated' one. Just like the #polishmountain or the 100+ layers of liquid lipstick, this take on the makeup challenge has once again left us feeling a little sick, fascinated and freaked out all at the same time! Next we will be seeing a hundred layers of fake tan or eyebrow penciling...

What twist on this challenge do you think will happen next? Don't forget it has to be 100% gross to pass. Let us know in the comments below!