Move Aside, Peasants - There’s Now A Dating App Just For Verified Twitter Users

26 July 2017, 14:45 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41


By Benedict Townsend

Now you can impress people with the size of your tick

Congratulations to the elite, who are finally catching a break for once. Dating app LoveFlutter, an app that connects users using their tweets, has introduced a new feature called 'Blue', which is designed to only match verified users. Perfect people who may want to enter into a romantic relationship with the official Pepsi Twitter account.



The app is being rolled out in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo, but confusingly it will only become available in those places once 1,000 verified Twitter users sign up in the city. The feature ain't free (but what in life is?) but it will be free to the first 1000 people who sign up. Anyone else who join after that will need to cough up for a monthly subscription to access it. LoveFlutter haven't decided on prices yet, but we estimate it will be somewhere between one dollar and one hundred million dollars.


Daigo Smith, founder of Loveflutter told Buzzfeed News: "We're pretty open about what Loveflutter is. It's not a hookup app or an ego-boosting, match-collecting experience. We're a date-focused relationship app, so it won't be creepy/weird, as everyone will be on there to find a date." We'll take your word for it, Daigo.