This YouTuber Will Reveal Her Hidden Identity To 1 Million Curious Fans

2 February 2017, 14:14 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

It's something fans have wanted for nearly 6 years.

One female gamer has been causing a storm on YouTube over the past few years with her hilarious and insightful video game playthroughs. Her name is TheRPGMinx, and whilst she's played games with some of the most elite gamers on the platform, absolutely no one knows what she looks like. But, in exciting news, she's officially picked a date for her upcoming face reveal.

For a YouTuber that can boast over 1.2 million subscribers, it's frankly unbelievable to find out that she has kept her identity secret for so long. In the past, she has discussed why she doesn't bother with face cam on her gaming videos because she hasn't decided "if she wants to deal with such publicity in her every day life". It looks like she's finally made her mind up about it though because the official face reveal will be happening on the 1st of April.

TheRPGMinx goes into more detail in the update vlog below:

For artistic fans around the planet, TheRPGMinx is often drawn with brown hair and shocking purple highlights, but she claims that her appearance is slightly different from their creative imagination: "You'll have the chance to see my ugly fat mug and the allusion of me being attractive will be shattered for all eternity".

In a stream of disjointed tweets across the month of January, Minx has been talking more about her reasons why she's finally decided to jump in front of the camera. Part of her resolutions for 2017 involve trying to "lose weight (hopefully)" and "do some cons this year", all of which require the confidence to actually reveal one's identity to the fans she's hoping to meet.

In other vlogs, TheRPGMinx has said that finally revealing her identity will help make "vlogging easier", so if you're keen to see the face behind the Minx... keep your eyes peeled on her channel on April 1st!