This Girl Was Banned From Prom... Because She's A YouTuber?!

6 July 2016, 16:19 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

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By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Bethany Leigh is quickly climbing the YouTube ranks and proving just what a sassy, confident and talented creator she actually is. As well as her fashion and beauty content, Bethany's second channel features regular vlogs which give an insight into the 16 year old's life. And it's her authenticity that has many flocking to her channel and the fact she's not afraid to say what she thinks. So it may not come as a surprise that Bethany recently landed in hot water which ended up with her being banned from her very own prom.

Here's the low down: Bethany uploaded a pretty emotional video earlier this year detailing the level of bullying and mental health problems going on within her school. In the video, Bethany didn't name the school nor was she wearing any clothing which indicated which school she went to. However, the video was quickly taken down and we've now found out why.

Bethany Leigh

Before we explain why she was banned from prom, let's fill in the gaps about that last video. It turns out Bethany and her mum were called into school with the school threatening to sue Bethany if she didn't take her video down. Yes, you read that right. Throughout the video Bethany reiterates that in the original video she didn't name the school, nor was she wearing any clothing (such as a uniform) which would pinpoint the name of the school.

After all the initial drama, things seemingly got worse when Bethany was banned from prom- all because she has a YouTube channel. In the storytime style video, Bethany explains the situation:

"After that video was made, they always kind of had a grudge against me" Bethany explains. When a friend tried to by a ticket for Bethany, they were refused. "I already knew this was because of my YouTube" she later explains.

It turns out that the school refused to let Bethany attend and cited the fact that Bethany has a "large social media influence" as the reason. "We don't feel comfortable of her putting pictures on the Internet of her and her friends at prom" they said, according to Bethany. And in all honesty, we were left baffled. Bethany goes on to say how several of her classmates have large Instagram followings but were allowed to attend.

"I was completely p*ssed off. I'd got my dress, my extensions, I'd planned my make-up... I was so excited to go and then they literally banned me from prom" Bethany claims. At this point, the YouTuber starts getting pretty emotional and we only wished we were having a prom Bethany could come to!

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