This Super Fan Really Crossed The Line At A Jacob Sartorius Meet And Greet

8 February 2017, 17:02 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Josh Lee

A young fan kissed the YouTube star on the lips without consent.

Jacob Sartorius was left feeling "awkward" after a young fan crossed the line with him at a recent meet and greet, by kissing him on the lips without his permission.

While the YouTuber was happy to kiss her cheek, as he went in to do so she turned her face to his, turning the friendly peck into a full-on lip-lock. Jacob was shocked by her actions, visibly moving away when he realised what had happened, but still hugged her before she went on her way.

The news soon went viral, and she attracted criticism for ignoring Jacob's boundaries.

After all, while the kiss may have felt innocent to her, Jacob was clearly uncomfortable with the situation. And even though he seemed to not be too phased by the incident, he may have felt pressured to not show just how shocked he was by it, so as to not ruin the meet and greet for the rest of his fans.

But the criticism soon turned into attacks, which isn't okay either.

According to SuperFame, a hacker appeared to post the fan's personal information online, while around 60,000 people sent her death threats. However, as she defended herself against her harassers, it was clear she hadn't realised she was also in the wrong. She wrote: "Y'all need to chill. I didn't know me doing that would "ruin all your guys life's [sic]... if you had a chance to kiss your celebrity crush I think u [sic] would to [sic]." She also described the incident as the "best day ever."

Jacob rushed to assure fans that the incident hadn't affected him.

He said in a text to fellow YouTuber RiceGum, "I'm not stopping touring" and told fans that he wasn't "upset" by the incident, and just felt "awkward in the moment," before reminding his followers that he wants "to be respected as a human bean (sic)."

Jacob's text to RiceGum Jacob's text to RiceGum

The young fan seemed to finally realise why her actions weren't okay, and apologised to Jacob on Twitter.