This YouTuber Just Made Time's Most INFLUENTIAL List

22 April 2016, 11:34 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

YouTubers are starting to get the recognition they deserve - and rightly so.

The mainstream media seem to have a bad habit of clinging to our fave Internet stars for all the wrong reasons. Whether they're questioning their income or challenging their morals, they just don't seem to leave them alone. It isn't surprising that this negative press coverage has started to impact the YouTube world - but things are starting to change.

On Thursday 21st April, Team Internet finally had some good news and it came in the form of Time magazine's low down of their 100 Most Influential People. This year's annual list saw Felix Kjellberg, AKA PewDiePie, make the cut. That's right Bros, our favourite gaming vlogger has been honourably placed amongst the the likes of Kanye West and Taylor Swift - and rightly so.

This isn't the first time that Time have recognised Felix for his powerful influence, he was also pinned as one of the Internet's Most Influential People earlier this year for the second time, ahead of his debut in 2015. He shared this recognition among thirty others with fellow Internet friends, such as Lele Pons and Lilly Singh.

Trey Parker, a co-creator of South Park, also had nothing but positive words to write about the Swedish born gamer for Time, which isn't surprising seeing as though he created a whole episode of South Park based around his existence. On the magazine's website he described YouTube as "the birth of a new art form" and PewDiePie as "it's most powerful artist" which is pretty impressive title.

It's so easy to forget the influence that our fave YouTubers and Viners have, especially Pewds with his some 43 million subs. He is for sure a huge media sensation and Time has certainly picked up on it. Admittedly, it hasn't all been plain sailing for the 26 year old gamer, who has proved to be quite controversial, with his ongoing drama with KSI to switching off the comments on his videos to prove his intolerance to trolls, he has been widely talked about within the Internet World and out of it.


We have to remember though, this guy is no stranger to going to extreme lengths to do good for the world. His most recent charitable act saw him raise a massive $153,000 for Charity:Water, with $47,000 being donations from himself. This is definitely not news for his Bro Army who have helped him raise thousands for the charity before allowing 5,111 people access to clean water.

We hope that YouTubers breaking further into the mainstream media will start to get our faves recognised for their talents. We do believe that this list is just the first of many featuring our favourite influential Internet stars, the question is, who's going to be next? Leave us your suggestions in the comments.